Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Lonely Loser

Do the two words have to go hand-in-hand?
Is it possible to be a loner and not a loser?

I am probably considered a loner at this juncture in my life. I just don't know that I would be considered a loser. Although the two words sound like they go hand-in-hand. right?

I love being alone...but I think the better phrase is...I love being "on my own!"

You see, if you replace the word 'alone' with 'on my own'...
it sounds less loser-like and more independent,
sounds less depressing and more freedom-esque!

I am happy on my own.
I enjoy being on my own.
I enjoy doing things on my own.
I can/want to do most anything on my own and have no problems with that.

A lot of events in my life brought me to this place.
And I have no regrets with the events that led me here.
I am filled with happiness and love.
I am filled with excitement of my unknown future.
Right now, I can honestly say I prefer to be on my own (alone).
I have a job that affords me the ability to live the lifestyle I enjoy.
I have faithful friends and family that comfort and support me.
I am proud of being a single mom and love it!
I have my son that I can share the deepest love I’ve ever known (or ever will).
My life is complete.

I want to enjoy my life with my son.
I want to be a great mom.
I want to travel as much as I can.
I want to encourage and expose my son to all the things life has to offer.
I want to live happily ever after.
And I can do that alone!

Before I go, let me end with a refrigerator quote:
Explain to me again why I need a man!

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Kristina said...

A loner thats a loser has no purpose in life. They have no goals, no ambition, they feel nothing but pity for themselves and are constantly wondering what other people think of them. I also call that being immature.
Being independent and living your life for you is not being a loser (or necessarily a loner.) It means you have found something good in your life and you do what you do, for you.
Wishing for more is natural, whether its more time, money, friends or love. It is what drives human nature. Be happy you know who you are and what you want...and that's what you'll get!
how philosophical this has been!


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