Monday, February 12, 2007

Why Men Dig Single Moms? - Part 2

In Parents magazine, I found another article on why guys dig single women...and so here are a few more to add from this article:

1. You know how to have a good time. You and your child are always laughing, playing together, and smothering each other with affection. Single guys know they're in for the same fun.

2. You tell it like it is. You don't have time to play games, you won't wait around for a guy to call, and if you're enjoying yourself, he'll be the first to know.

3. You won't suffocate a man. As a solo parent, you're very independent and have a lot going on in your own life. You're not the type of gal who need to rely on a guy for daily entertainment.

4. You don't take dates for granted. Your life is a juggling act as it is - if you've taken the time to get a babysitter and spend an evening with a man, that night is precious.

Before I go to lunch, let me leave you with this:
This morning, when Mathew gave me my morning hug, I could have sworn he said "I love you" to me. He may have just mumbled something else, but it sure had the sounds and tone of an I love you! And being that Valentine's Day is just around the corner, I'm going to take it as an "I love you!"

Mathew speaks so much more now (even though I may be the only one to understand him). I swear he counts to three in French, he says turtle, bubbles, milk, book, plane, moon, fishy, duck, dog, and more. He not only says those words, but he can associate the words to the actual pictures or objects. For example, today in the doctor's office, Mathew said "turtle" while pointing to the soap dispenser. I looked back and there it was a turtle soap dispenser. What a proud moment!!!
I love my baby boy!

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