Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Cell Phone Madness

Okay so last Friday, my cell phone fell in a body of water, no it was not the toilet (for those of you assuming). Anyway, the point is my cell phone is dead! I did get a new and cooler cell phone for a pretty penny or two. But in the meantime, some of the numbers on the old phone are lost forever. Some numbers were meant to be lost. Some I would never use except to identify when not to answer. And for most others, I'm hoping they'll call me soon.

It is crazy that for only 24 hours without my cell phone, I felt so out of touch with the world and my friends. How was my mother-in-law, who was watching Mathew that day, going to get a hold of me if I stepped away from my office? Or on my drive home, if I got a flat or into an accident, how was I to reach anybody for help? How was I supposed to make plans for Friday night? I don't even memorize their numbers. Argh! How helpless do we feel without them? Try to remember those days back in high school with no cell phones. I think we barely had the beepers at the time. Crazy!? How did we survive? Cell phones are such a part of our daily lives that some of us don't even have landlines. With cell phones, meeting up with people is made so much easier. We can notify our friends when we're stuck in traffic, or that we're lost. With cell phones, we can be more spontaneous. With cell phones, we feel safer. With cell phones, we are within reach at any location. With cell phones, we can make those long distance calls at cheaper costs, if any. With cell phones, we can set wake up alarms for when we find ourselves not at home. With cell phones, we can calculate an exact 15% tip. With cell phones, we can text a cute message anywhere/anytime! Okay so I can go on...I'm sure. So we have all these benefits for having cell phones, but at what cost or loss? Does it scare you that we depend so highly on our cell phones? Could we conceivably live without them now?

Before I go, let me solicit here:
Please be kind and email/text me your phone number. That is if I had it in the first place and that is if you still want me to have it. If I never had it, and you want me to have it, email me, I'm sure we can arrange something.

And don't forget to call your mother!

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