Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Need for Speed

My soul is ready and all gassed up.
My bodies' desires are in full throttle.
My heart speeds faster than it should.
My mind is always ahead of the track.
My eyes ignore the warning flags:
My mouth needs a set of brakes.
Without these brakes, at this rate of speed,
I am doomed for a crash and burn finish!

Brakes are currently being installed!


Remember, the tortoise wins the race!

Before I go to bed, let me leave you with this:
My only question to myself is:
If I am so happy with myself, why do I need external validation from someone else? Isn't my happiness with myself enough? Am I that hopeless for another person in my life to make me feel absolute? Or is it just a simple desire to be loved? Is there a difference? Does being loved signify a person's totality? Okay so that was more than one question, but all in the same premise. And of course, these questions are rhetorical.

In the end, I always fall back on the "follow your heart" theory, which nullifies everything.

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