Thursday, January 4, 2007

Glowing Moon

I saw last night's full moon this morning at 6 am. It was still dark outside. As I stared up at the moon, I admired the enormous halo glow it radiated. It was so beautiful. And as always, I started thinking...

Isn't the moon made up of rocks and dirt? So how does the moon glow? Why was it shining so bright? The circumference of the glow was burning like fire waves of white. Amazing! Beautiful! The sun is a star and produces almost all of Earth's energy. Yet the moon does nothing for Earth. It's just a rock in the sky. Yet, this massive ball was beaming down on us this morning. It revealed a sense of energy and massive force. I was in awe! (btw, I do know the scientific answer to why the moon glows, but in the moment it just seemed so miraculous and phenomenal).

Before I go, let me leave you with this:
I put my watch back on (refer to previous blog: "Are you a Control Freak?" August 17, 2006). It's been 6 months without one on and I loved it. I've gained a lot of new perspective without it. But at the gym yesterday morning, I realized I needed my watch again. So I placed it back on this morning. It was kind of weird seeing the watch on without my wedding ring. I've only known this watch with my ring. Weird, huh? To New beginnings! And even though it's back on, I won't have a hard time letting go of the time. I'll be able to take vacations and enjoy moments in life without the controlling constraints of my watch.

Stay tuned for an upcoming blog about Happiness. I was asked recently what makes me Happy. I'd like to dig deeper into that one. Give me some time to arrange my thoughts in word. And again, thanks to all my friends who read my blogs!

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