Wednesday, July 20, 2011

"maybe the world rules itself"

My morning commute conversation with Mathew:

Out of the blue, Mathew asks me "who rules the world? it god?"

I said "some people think it's god."

Then mathew says "maybe the world rules itself!"

Oh, how I loved to hear that. But I was also so surprised to hear such a profound realization come out of my 5-year old son, so I had to ask him, "where did you hear that from?"

He said, "Nowhere, I just thought of it."

...the conversation continued on about presidents, rulers, kings, and such.

I love having these conversations with him!

P.S. some of you may have heard of this story (on facebook), but I had to add to my blog, after all, this is part of my memory bank


Anonymous said...

Sadly he's right, the world does rule itself and therein lies the problem.

sol said...

I don't see it as a problem AT ALL!
sadly, your views are cynical, whereas my 5-year old has the view of an innocent, not yet poisoned human on this plant!

we should all take pointers from the views of a child!

check out this recent article, case in point:


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