Thursday, May 26, 2011

i feel you

your pain
you writhe internally
absorbing your affliction alone
but it seeps through my bones
enduring the sharpness piercing me
i feel your pain
i feel you

your hurt
you agonize unanswered questions
sifting through the muck alone
but it strikes me to my core
bruising and battering me around
i feel your hurt
i feel you

your anger
you burn in fury privately
losing control and fighting with yourself
but it clenches my heart
pounding with frenzy
i feel your anger
i feel you

your grief
you ache in a constant state
a permanent void you fill with lonely gloom
but it amplifies my matching eternal hole
a space for the never-ending flow of tears
i feel your grief
i feel you

your joy
you radiate with delightful bliss
sharing your smiles and wonder
and it penetrates my heart
glowing and floating with you on cloud 9
i feel your joy
i feel you

your fortune
you say you hit the jackpot
appreciating and savoring your treasure
and it feels so perfect
you are perfect for me
i feel your fortune
i feel you

your life
you live life to the fullest
grateful and giving; caring and unselfish
and it complements my life completely
our souls are one in the same
i feel your life
i feel you

your love
you love with intensity and devotion
enchanted with a magical mystery
and it consumes me whole; spellbound
i love you with all my heart and soul
i feel your love
i feel you

i am your friend
and i feel you
i am your companion
and i feel you
i am your lover
and i feel you
i am you
i feel you
i love you


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