Thursday, June 10, 2010

a parent's stomach

every parent knows what i'm talking about when:

your stomach empties like a dry, ancient volcano that rumbles under the surface threatening to scream a destructive explosion

your stomach grips onto your insides tightening, twisting, and pulling you into a bleak hole until the pain numbs

your broken heart that falls into this bottomless pit softly beats, knocks, ticks, and pumps while swiftly stealing your breath away

your stomach's torture is accompanied with the sleepless nights, the heart that breaks over and over, the endless supply of tears, and the constant, never ending worries and fears.

but on the flip side, there are far more moments in a parents life that stuffs your stomach, warms your insides, and comforts your heart.

but oh, what a parent's stomach goes through!


Tabitha Bird said...

I hear ya! With two little boys my stomach is regularly doing amazing things!

Anonymous said...

Oh yes I can certainly relate to this post. I have 4 children (21, 15,15, 4) and you know what twists and turns my stomach is going thru :) Such a unique perspective beautiful. Thanks so much for stopping by and sending your warm vibes.

septembermom said...

Great post. My stomach seems to be always in knots.


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