Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Dear Robin,

today you would be 40
6 years older than me
12 years older than Philippe

I could only dream of where you'd be, who you'd be with, or what you would be doing now...but in my reality I can tell you exactly who, where, and what you still are to me:

you are my brother and my friend
you are always in my heart and on my mind
you give me hope and light through my dark days
you inspire me to live NOW
your life transformed into this amazing gift to me, messages and all
you are an amazing uncle to Mathew, he holds a special place for you in his heart that even I can't describe. you have captured something with him in four small years that he will never forget or let go of
you are admired, cherished, appreciated, loved, and oh so missed! long as I live, every breath i take, you will be here on this earth in the depths of my heart and soul (Mathew's too). Your are with me in my every move, decision, action, and fumble I make. I can hear you laugh and it's still contagious. I can hear you mentoring me too. I see you every day.

And on this day, I make this promise to you for as long as I shall live: I will celebrate your life always! And for your birthday every year I will celebrate with/for you by doing something 'special' in your honor! HBD ROBIN!

I thank you!
I love you!

till we meet again big bro!
your baby sis,

P.S. To my blog readers: So as you are probably reading this, I am in the midst of celebrating his birthday. Stay tuned for my next post to find out what I'm doing/did. Now, let's just hope I can be as creative and daring for the years to come. ooooh, so exciting, can't wait to share!!!! :)

This was us celebrating my 25th birthday a long time of my most cherished pictures


septembermom said...

That's a beautiful picture and a lovely post! Take care sol.

Southpaw said...

What a beautiful post for your brother.

Mile said...

This is beautiful. You brought tears to my eyes.... Since, I'm your FB friend, I know what you did, and you're amazing. What amazes me even more, it's because I've been waiting to heal completely to celebrate my life the same way. You did it for Robin, and I want to do it for me. Some lives are so interconnected... I love that. You're beautiful. And... I know Robin is smiling and nodding his head... I'm also sure he enjoyed the ride down with you. Love you.

sol said...

thank you, thank you, thank you! :)

Sara Louise said...

Lovely photo! Can't wait to find out what you got up to... xo

sol said...

Thanks Sara Louise! check out my newest blog: OMG! Amazing!"


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