Friday, October 2, 2009

Top 10 Things I Can't Live Without

Top 10 Things I Can't Live Without

10. my job
it affords me the ability to live my life and have the 9 other things I can't live without

9. iPhone
my lifeline to the world...since I like being alone it keeps me connected while still being alone

8. TiVo
a time to unwind and numb my mind without commercials (occasionally it kick starts my mind instead)

7. mother nature's earthly possessions
an everyday reminder that life is beautiful

6. chocolate
chocolate satisfies (need I say more)

5. music
inspires me, moves me, and heals me

4. books
keep me dreaming, hoping, and always wanting more

3. traveling
the only thing worth spending my hard earned money on
to explore, discover, adventure, and live

2. faithful friends and family
to give and receive support and love

and as if you couldn't guess what my #1 one thing I can't live without is:

1. Mathew
the light and energy source of my life


insomniac ellen said...

your son is beautiful. savor these years--they grow up before you know it. [i used to hate when people said that to me, but it's so true. i can't believe i have 2 kids in their mid 30s and a grandson in college.]

sol said...

thanks ellen...I cherish every minute of it...
and then I capture it on camera! I'm told I need to go to "camera-happy anonymous" meetings (if those exist)

::She Poet:: said...

A great list! No. 1 is definitely the most important without question. Everything else can be restored but the memories are once in a lifetime.

PS: I see you have read The Alchemist. How was it? I have it here in my library and have yet to read it. Thanks!

sol said...

The Alchemist is definitely by far one of my favorite books. I'm not one that can usually list "favorites" cause I always have many favorites of everything...but a definite MUST READ for anyone/everyone. Let me know after you read it what you think. I actually might have to read it again now... :)

Gloria said...

Loved your list. Must take the time to do something similar . . soon!

The alchemist. Another thing I must do.

Glad you went through to She Poet. Wonderful. Isn't she?


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