Wednesday, October 7, 2009

i see you

i see you

i see you
and what i see amazes me
through your deep brown eyes, i see your passionate heart
so deep with compassion and love
i see you

beyond your glittery smile, i see a white glowing aura
so endlessly giving and nurturing
i see you

from the whisper of your words, i see a treasure
so spiritually connected and a gifted soul
i see you

surrounded by your arms, i see a friend
so generous and forever loyal
i see you

in the strength in your arms, i see a fighter
so courageous and brave, a hero to most
i see you

inside the chair you sit in, i see a remarkable person
so authentic and real, unwavering
i see you

and above it all,
i see you
i see you

i see you Camile!

your soul sister, your kindred spirit
with all my love,
~ nancy sol


Anonymous said...

Dearest Nancy,

I must begin by telling you that you have touched me deep in my soul. Most of us tend to rush through life towards an unknown destination which lots of time is an illusion. After I got hurt, I learned to enjoy the journey and open my heart to everything and everyone. It didn't matter where I would end up, but I learned to enjoy the ride. With an open heart, I attracted kindred souls to my life who are on a similar path/quest. You showed up. Your unbelievable faith in me helped me believe in myself more and more each day. You understood me and "got" me for so long through a computer screen, and I smile at how perfect the Universe is, because I feel like we have a connection that transcends many lives and any physical barrier. Thank you for existing and being who you are. You have humbled me with your words and I'll hold you in my heart for ever.

Love you my sister,


Anonymous said...

You both are really soul sisters, because you both can express your heart and soul in your writing. I really enjoyed the poem, it also gave me a sense of inspiration.

sol said...

Camile...Thank you for being an inspiration to me, and I know to many others! you're the best!!! love you girl xoxo

Thanks anonymous!

::She Poet:: said...

This is so touching and your soul sister is very beautiful. A marvelous tribute.

Happy Birthday Gorgeous! May you treasure another year of life, love and happiness...and many, many more.

sol said...

She is beautiful in so many ways...

Thank you She Poet for the birthday wishes!!! :)

Gloria said...

Oh, so touching and poignant. A lovely, loving tribute!

Mile said...

I watched Avatar yesterday, and besides being extremely touched by the movie, and wanting to have my own avatar as well.. all I kept thinking about was this lovely tribute you wrote for me, and its title. And, now, during this time of my life, I so desperately need to focus on the positive, and this is a great reminder that I need to always have hope. Thank you so much. I see you...


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