Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I am an emotional girl.
I live and breathe with my emotions.

I've got this passionate heart that just overflows with emotions.
It cascades through every ounce of me.
It exudes through my eyes.
It embodies my personality.
It shares with my words.
It carries on in my writing.
It lives through me.

My emotions empower me and drain me just the same.
My emotions can be reactive, preemptive, and also calculated.
My emotions hinder me yet make me soar.
My emotions define me and make me grow.
My emotions burden me and they also release me.
My emotions are complex yet so simple.
My emotions are in tune with my body.
My emotions don't hide.
My emotions are me.

I live and breathe with my emotions and I love that about me.



denise said...

I love you for this, you know. The ability to express yourself. I get so uncomfortable about opening up that I try to express myself with smart remarks. So I love you for this. Your expression is an inspiration.

sol said... Denise! that means a lot to me! xoxo


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