Thursday, August 6, 2009


For those that knew me in my college dorm days, know that my walls were filled with Absolut magazine ads. I collected these ads for the simple reason that I loved the creative genius of their advertisement. I actually still have them all (just not on my walls). I also have two (yes, two not one) copies of the book: "Absolut Book, the Absolut Vodka Advertising Story." Thanks Denise! I eventually stopped collecting the ads while still appreciating the awesomeness of the Absolut ads.

Even their commercials as recent as the one I saw yesterday was awesome:
"Doing things differently leads to something exceptional"

Ten plus years later, I am only now starting to see another company match the level of creativeness in their advertisement. Of course, this is based on my own personal opinion and taste. And ironically, this company is also selling alcohol. The company I am referring to is Corona! Instead of collecting the magazine ads and tacking them on my walls, I figured I'd just share them on my blog. Plus, most of the ads I've seen have been on billboards.

Note how the ads say "Relax Responsibly" instead of "Drink Responsibly" - Genius! I love it!

Here are a few, in no particular order:

Before I go, let me leave you with this:
I am MADD...a mother against drunk driving!
Support the MADD blog too.

If you must drink and drive, drink Pepsi.
Friends don't let friends drink and drive.


Just Jules said...

I love ads. Some advertisements are brilliant!

Jeff P said...

Maybe not as visually creative, but I think the "Most Interesting Man in the World", Dos Equis ads are genius. Stay thirsty, my friend!

denise said...

Just for that I'm looking to see if Corona has made a book yet! :) I love you man.

sol said...

:) Denise...that would be so cool and funny and perfect! but I doubt it at this juncture...
love you too!

Jeff, still thirsty...


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