Saturday, November 10, 2007

Mathew Moments

Okay so it's been a while since I've written a blog. Could be because I'm busting my ass at work and I come home to pass out by 9pm on my couch every night? Could also be that what I have to write about is not blog worthy? Or not meant for public? Could be because I've been spending my spare time on the phone lately? Or it could be because I have blogger's block? Either way, I'll try harder to keep with my blogging. Here are some latest Mathew moments I want to share:

He recently started to give me a kiss by pulling my face in with his hands on my cheek. The first time he did this just simply melted my heart. I had to ask him to do it again, which he did by the way. He will surely be a heartbreaker!

Last night, in his crib, I told him "I love you" he said "I love you too"…awwww…I know how freakin' cute!

When I sneeze, he says "bless you, mama!" and when I fake sneeze, he just fake sneezes back…and laughs hysterically.

He noticed my new pair of earrings and said "ooh-la-la" in this cute French accent…can this kid get any cuter?

When he hugs me, he adds this squeeze that I know comes from deep in his heart.

He no longer naps for me…at least not the official 2 hour naps that give me my own private time. Instead, we occasionally nap together on the couch for about an hour…if I'm lucky!

My latest proudest moment was when I had to take him to a lab to draw some blood. We waited for over an hour. He was such a well-behaved boy…I was surprised and utterly impressed! And to add to that, he didn't even cry when they pricked him with a needle. He sat there watching the lady wiggle the needle in his arm looking for his vein. Damn, my baby is freaking awesome!

The best part of my day, is the last 20 minutes before Mathew goes to sleep…the reading time, the hugs, squeezes, kisses, night nights, and I love yous…best moment of the day!

There are so many more little moments…I cherish them all! I believe life is all in the little moments. And I will definitely continue to share our little moments. One of my favorite little moments is when Mathew and I laugh! We tend to laugh a lot together. I love laughing…especially with Mathew. My favorite sound in the whole world is Mathew laughing!

A day without laughter is a day wasted.

Before I go, let me ask you this:
How come Pluto doesn't speak, but Goofy does?

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