Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Tongue

Tongue Visuals

Your tongue refreshed and invigorated from the scrubbing bubbles built up on your toothbrush.

Your tongue swishing and tingling from the mouthwash churning inside

Your tongue on fire and swollen after the bite of a hot chili pepper

Your tongue rolling and stirring when eating the delicatessen meal cooked by a woman wearing only an apron on

Your tongue slipping out slightly on her cheek leaving a shiny damp spot

Your tongue rolling over her juicy lips savoring the taste of her strawberry lip gloss

Your tongue slow dancing in her mouth salivating over the sensual enticement

Your tongue crashing and pulsating against her pearly whites

Your tongue suckling and tickling her long fingers arousing the senses all over

Your tongue shifting down along the curves of her body and leaving a trail of goose bumps

Your tongue erotically circling around bestowing upon a nipple erection

Your tongue slipping in and out compounded by the moisture of her juices leaving soaked filled sheets behind

Your tongue seductively playing music on her body that makes her world move beneath her feet

Oh, the things your tongue can do!

~ sol

Before I go, let me leave you with this:
I'm slightly aroused by my own writing…haha! Can you tell I'm sexually deprived? At least it's by choice, right?

So here's a fact about your tongue: The tongue is made mainly of skeletal muscles. It's been said to be the strongest muscle in the body. The tongue is always in constant use even when sleeping! So I guess it would be wise to work out your tongue muscle…maintain your strength and stamina in your tongue!

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