Saturday, September 8, 2007


This blog was written in my head while cleaning the house today.

Why my life would be so much easier without my dog (a black lab mutt, named Harley, I've had for 8 years now, for those of you that don't know):

I wouldn't have to sweep my house pretty much every day.
I wouldn't have to wear socks/sandals in my house when I don't sweep.
I wouldn't have to clean his bowls.
I wouldn't have to spend money on his food, snacks, bedding, and toys.
I wouldn't have to wake up at odd hours to his whining 'cause he has to pee (again).
I wouldn't have to wake up to a cold/wet nose in my face when my dog is scarred from a thunderstorm.
I wouldn't have to clean up after his occasional vomit.
I wouldn't have to vacuum my sofa every week from dog hair.
I wouldn't have to hear my dog's incessant barking at the worst possible times.
I wouldn't have to hear my dog licking (god knows what) in the middle of the night.
I wouldn't have to pick up his shit (literally)!!!
I wouldn't have to bathe him too.
I wouldn't have to buy and also remember to give him his monthly heartworm and ticks medication.
I wouldn't have to go to the vets for his check-ups and shots.
I wouldn't have someone at my feet all day long, getting in my way, and constantly following me into every room.
I wouldn't have to go home (when I'm enjoying not being home) to let the dog out.
I wouldn't have to find a dogsitter when I go on vacation. THANKS BRIDGET (again)!
I wouldn't have to worry about Chihuahua's running around in my backyard and getting killed.
I wouldn't still be paying off a large fine cited to me by the Broward County Police Department.
I wouldn't have to worry about my neighbor possibly poisoning my dog.

But this is why all the above is worth it:

I am loved. I am loved simply. I am simply loved.
I receive the kind of unconditional love that no other can provide me.
I feel supremely protected (especially once I got pregnant).
I benefit from the long walks (mentally and physically). Walks I would otherwise never take without my dog.
I get to come home to a ridiculously excited "happy-to-see-you" face everyday…the wagging tail, too! Lately, Mathew has been stealing that attention. Which brings me to my next point; it brings me such joy to see my 2 sons interacting together.
I am amused by the silly things he does, such as chase his own tail, trip going up/down the stairs, or running into the sliding glass door.
I always have a friend that can cheer me up without saying a word.
I always have the company of a loyal, warm body next to me.
I have a lifelong companion (no marriage or contractual agreement required).

Okay so even though my list of "why my life might be easier without my dog" is longer, the "why it's worth it" list far outweighs any added "woe is me" it might bring in my life.

I can't imagine life without my dog in it! And it's safe to assume that Mathew feels the same way! We love you Harley!

Before I go, let me leave you with this:
Today I realized I have to start paying close attention to the things I say in front of Mathew. This morning, we were walking down the aisles of Wal*Mart and he accidentally in his brute form broke his toy. I laughed and said in a funny voice "what happened?" He repeated this phrase all day, along with the funny voice. Later today, I was yelling at Harley "sit down!" My son has been telling everyone to sit down (even when they are sitting down). This revelation of mimicry finally hit home tonight with his grand finale. I was carrying my son up to his bedroom, when I rammed my foot into a toy car, conveniently left in my path and cursed "M*ther F*cker!!" Lo and behold my son started saying "Focker!" up until bedtime. Hopefully, without me repeating this lovely phrase (that I oh so love to use) he will forget all about it. Wish me luck!

Kids don't say the darn'dest things, they mimic you and it's the funniest/darn'dest thing!

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