Friday, June 17, 2011

my bubble

i do proclaim i'm in love

i've walked around hopeful
but planning for a single life
i've dreamed of love again
but found peace without it
i've believed in a happy ending
creating it all on my own

in my declaration of loving the single life,
i sheltered us in a protective bubble
floating in the clouds
happy and shielded
no one or nothing bringing us down
just the two of us

and after all these years
living in this bubble
someone found a passage inside
he didn't pop it
didn't ask me to leave it
he just softly soared inside with us
filling our bubble with hope, love, and new dreams

i found love again
one like never before
sharing a connection spoken without words
a bond founded deeper than can be concocted
souls united from the heavens
hearts tied together

in this bubble,
growing bigger and brighter
i learn to balance and harmonize
what was once made for 2
now becoming a party of 5

you can say, i've got some adjusting to do...
but please don't burst my bubble


1 comment:

SunMoonStar said...

I love it Nancy. I'm SO happy for you.


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