Tuesday, July 6, 2010

my house is not haunted, it's mad at me

my house can't be haunted by ghosts...i'm the first and only owner of this house. i don't hate my house, in fact i love it! maybe my house loves us too! so, why would it be mad at me, you ask. well, i'm in the middle of a short sale contract. and while i love this place, for many various personal reasons, it is time for me to move on...it is what's best for me and my son. I didn't notice the signs of anger until this past week when almost every day something went wrong, but it did start a few months ago when:

the light bulb for the outside fixture above my entrance door went out. have not and will not replace it.

one of the two light bulbs in my fan fixture in my master bedroom died. still not replaced.

my smoke detector started going off at 2am. I've lived in this house for 4 years and have had these detectors go off already three different times (of course all in the middle of the night). this means, I have to go downstairs, grab the ladder, go back up stairs with said ladder, unscrew damn smoke detector, remove battery, drain sound of annoying beep, and find way back to sleep. needless to say, ladder and smoke detector sans battery are still in my closet.

one light bulb out of 5 in dining room light fixture went out while eating dinner. still out.

one of the light bulbs in my son's bathroom went out. still out.

garbage disposer in kitchen went berserk. had to use that wrench thingy tool that it comes with. all better now.

two weeks ago: dishwasher clogged up. googled how to fix it and when that didn't work, called my friend Brian who helps me via telephone to fix things in the house. It worked. Thanks B!

last friday: underneath kitchen sink, one of the nots on the pipes corroded and fell. Didn't notice until the water flowed all around in the cabinet instead of inside the pipes. had to call for emergency plumbing and 10 minutes after his arrival and departure, figured I could have done that myself. arg!

saturday: the battery in my AC thermostat died.

yesterday: I witnessed the halogen light bulb in my kitchen fixture burn out.

today: candle on toilet in guest bedroom fell and shattered.

what will happen next?
the short sale better be approved fast before something else more costly happens.

is it ironic I am reading a fiction novel about a haunted house?


septembermom said...

Hey, maybe there is a story here?? Hope things move along quickly :)

Searching Soul said...

I just think your house is seeking for your tender lover care and attention...it is asking you to stay.

::Owning the Words:: said...

I for one believe in the paranormal. Things happen for a reason and maybe it's time to move forward. Or maybe, just maybe your haunted house book is a portal to reality and the ghosts have transported thru...never mind. Good luck with the sale :)

Holly Ruggiero, Southpaw said...

You house just wants you to know you will be miss, although I would say by irrigating you might not be the best way to do that. ;)

Good luck with the short sale.

sol said...

thank you all! I do think they should coin a different term for "short sale", ain't nothing short about it!

sharla, I don't dismiss any ideas or thoughts. I believe just cause we can't see it or it seems impossible or hasn't been proven, does not make it untrue or unreal. I believe I "listen" really well to signs from spirits, dreams, etc. I'm open to the idea so it welcomes me or I welcome it. :)

HC Park said...

Um, maybe the house is saying it's time for new batteries and light bulbs? Or maybe it's telling you it was constructed on an old covered up Indian burial ground?


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